织是由一个机构创立的 高等教育 像你一样的专业人士. 我们在校园里使用了织, 我们也理解机构面临的独特挑战, 项目, 教师, 和工作人员. 换句话说,我们也经历过你的处境.

我们不仅仅是另一家软件公司. 我们是充满激情的伙伴, 致力于帮助您从评估和乐鱼体育靠谱中获得最大的收获.

我们的使命是通过提高学生的学习 评估 我们通过提供 软件 为机构和规划的有效性提供解决方案和专业知识.

Our approach is to provide powerful 软件 solutions that bring value, not complexity to your work. 随着高等教育的技术成本激增, we’re committed to providing the most user-friendly 软件 on the market at a cost any size institution can afford.

You shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and quality – and it’s our mission to ensure that you never have to.

看看为什么500多家机构使用织来简化他们的乐鱼体育靠谱, 评估 和乐鱼体育靠谱过程,并改善每个人的评估经验.


经过12年的持续领导, 我们的团队仍然由来自机构的从业人员组成. 我们是一个价值观驱动的教育团队, 管理员, 还有技术人员,他们都致力于简化机构有效性的管理.

艾米Dykens艾米Dykens, EdD

首席执行官 & 总统

As an assistant academic dean Amy successfully led reporting efforts for accreditation before joining 织 in 2012. This experience and serving as an accreditation reviewer inform 织’s product development and user experience.  她的研究兴趣包括高影响力的教育实践, 学习评估, 制度效能与高等教育政策.



Sheri spent eight years serving as an Associate Dean for 评估 and Institutional Effectiveness at a small college, 织在评估项目中扮演了重要的角色. 在此之前,她做了14年的K-12教师. 她对良好的教育实践充满热情, including 评估 that allows institutions to improve student learning while meeting accreditation requirements.



作为纽约州立大学制度效率部主任, Jen宝贵的知识塑造了织的用户体验. Since joining the team in 2012 Jen has led over 150 institutions in using 织 and has turned their feedback into action through perfecting the interface and functionality of 织.



拥有超过15年的编程和开发经验, Vag是织软件的关键部分. His skill for creating attractive and intuitive interface that is also powerful for institutions has helped thousands of users in their IE work. He has a knack for anticipating end user experience and creating workflows that are productive yet easy to use.



乔丹花了五年时间在校园里做评估工作, including working with 教师 和工作人员 to create meaningful 评估 plans and get the most out of 织. 作为团队的一员,她继续着同样伟大的工作, 此外,我们还帮助人们通过创造性的方式来使用我们的解决方案.



Brian拥有超过16年的设计经验,在我们的解决方案中不断改善织体验. He is involved in working with 高等教育 professionals on how 织 can solve challenges of IE work through an intuitive interface. His creative perspective ensures that 织 users navigate through best-practice workflows flexible for any type of institution.



Victor has a long track record of excellent customer service experience at two large companies prior to joining 织 in 2018. He strives to give the most accurate and professional service possible through thoughtful questions and careful listening.



Matt has been with 织 for 15 years and uses his background as an Assistant Director of Admissions to assist our team and customers in our business office. 拥有写作和平面设计学位, Matt也是织活动和营销团队的重要成员.

M Velonakis 迈克Velonakis

用户体验/ UI开发人员

Mike在各个行业的前端开发方面有着丰富的经验. He likes to work in a methodical and consistent way, always having the best user experience in mind. His perception of the workflow of each part of the project and the attention to detail helps users maintain an excellent user experience.


BiscotteDr. 斯蒂芬•Biscotte博士


Dr. Biscotte在通识教育方面投入了大量的专业研究. 他作了各种报告,并促进了关于创新结构的讲习班, 大学的改革努力, 还有地方和国家的项目评估. 在任职弗吉尼亚理工大学之前, 10年来,他一直在高中教授解剖学和生理学课程, 生物学, 和物理科学.


St. 约翰的大学

10年以上高等教育评估工作经验, 安东尼管理所有的评估工作流程,并领导奖学金和出版工作. 他的研究包括高等教育评估, 改善学生学习的定性方法, 目标达成及结果, 并对学生学习情况进行定量统计分析.

美国裴瑞兹Dr. 美国裴瑞兹博士


Dr. Paredes started in 2005 as a graduate assistant in the IE office and has held several positions there. 在她之前的角色中, she worked closely with 教师 和工作人员 in creating 评估 plans and reports as well as monitoring SACSCOC standards for the institution. Tisha是一位经验丰富的主持人、顾问和作家.

雪莉,Popp来说Dr. 雪莉,Popp来说,教育学


Sheri spent eight years serving as an Associate Dean for 评估 and Institutional Effectiveness at a small college, 织在评估项目中扮演了重要的角色. 在此之前,她做了14年的K-12教师. 她对良好的教育实践充满热情, including 评估 that allows institutions to improve student learning while meeting accreditation requirements.



Ms. Row works closely with department chairs and division directors to create 评估 plans that allow 教师 和工作人员 to evaluate and present their work for many purposes other than accreditation. 天普学院将于6月正式接受重新乐鱼体育靠谱, 2021, 在合规报告或现场访问中没有引用建议.

雷·范·戴克Dr. 雷·范·戴克,EdD


Ray is an IE professional with decades of hands-on experience in the field of 制度研究, 规划和评估. 他是织学院的创始总监.



琳达·苏斯基是一位国际知名的顾问, 作家, 演讲者, 并与教育工作者就高等教育的各种评估和鉴定课题进行广泛探讨. 她的书包括 评估学生学习:常识指南,是高等教育评估方面最畅销的书籍之一,以及 质量的五个方面:乐鱼体育靠谱和问责的常识指南.

琳达在中部州高等教育委员会担任了7年的副主席. 她的高等教育经验包括评估工作, 制度研究, 战略规划, 和质量管理.

琳达教授本科和研究生评估课程, 教育研究方法, 写作, 统计数据, 和发展数学. She holds a bachelor’s degree in quantitative studies from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in educational measurement and 统计数据 from the University of Iowa.



Dr. 你Vandecar-Burdin is the Director of the Social Science Research Center (SSRC) at 奥多明尼昂大学. 自1998年科学研究中心成立以来,她一直在该中心工作. 她有超过20年的调查研究经验(包括手机), 邮件, 网络调查)以及进行焦点小组和访谈. She works with 教师 and other research partners to support their research and data collection needs and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the SSRC’s operations, 以及担任科学研究中心大部分项目的项目经理或首席研究员. She has taught undergraduate courses in criminal justice and graduate courses in public policy and survey research. She has managed survey research and other evaluation activities on a variety of topics including: 项目/services for university and community college STEM/cybersecurity students, 校园自杀预防资源的认识, 弗吉尼亚州和新罕布什尔州的精神健康和药物滥用服务的认知, 弗吉尼亚东南部的总体生活质量, 以及弗吉尼亚州接受早期干预服务的家庭的经历. Dr. Vandecar-Burdin also serves as the chair of the ODU Institutional Review Board and is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), 美国评估协会(AEA), 和学术调查研究组织协会(AASRO).



持续的改进存在于我们的DNA中. 这就是我们.

自2006年成立以来, 织一直致力于不懈的追求,不断的改进. 多年来,我们一直在不断发展我们的解决方案和能力.



WEAVEonline诞生于弗吉尼亚联邦大学校园. A team of dedicated 评估 professionals decided to develop a Web-based technology solution to solve the difficult challenges in academic 评估.


织开始设计和开发一个综合性的机构平台. That framework was released at the 织 Connections 评估 Conference held at 弗吉尼亚理工大学 in Blacksburg, VA.

我们结合了这两个世界的优点,回到了我们的根和名称织. 经过十多年的发展和500多家会员, 织 is currently offering its fourth generation of 软件 applications designed by a team of educational professionals with years of on-campus experiences.


我们明白,软件本身不足以改善结果. Our goal is to bring people together both within their existing communities and as part of a larger 织 community. This extended community is comprised of 评估 and planning professionals from colleges and universities from around the world who share best practices, 提示, 互相建议.

我们很幸运地工作在这样一个领域,我们的软件用户可以与我们分享他们的想法. 它使我们能够不断地为每个人改进我们的工具. 作为 织团队, our job is to preserve this culture of feedback to help us better serve our family of 织 users.